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A More Perfect Union

How many Unions are there, when were they formed and what do they represent?

How You Were Defrauded

A timeline for exploring the fraud and deception for yourself.

Your Government

Is supposed to be staffed by you and its decisions made by you. But, where are you?


Under God’s majestic hand, the grace and beauty of Maryland includes gorgeous mountain terrains to the west,
the Chesapeake Bay and the Land of Pleasant Living on the Eastern Shore, the Atlantic Ocean to the  east,
four full seasons to enjoy, filled with rich history and tradition, Maryland is a spirit-filled wonder of awe.

Our State and its Jurisdiction

Including the Foreign City State of Washington, D.C.

The land mass known as Maryland, started as the Province of Maryland. It was an English and later British colony that existed from 1632 until 1778, when it joined the other twelve of the Thirteen Colonies in rebellion against Great Britain and became a State.

The Catholic George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, (1579–1632), former Secretary of State to His Majesty, King Charles I, wished to create a haven for English Catholics in the New World. In 1632 he convinced the King to grant him a charter for a proprietary colony of about twelve million acres. However, George Calvert died 15 April 1632 and the King transferred the charter to George Calvert’s eldest son Cecil on 20 June 1632. The new colony was named after the devoutly Catholic Henrietta Maria of France, the Queen Consort, by an agreement between the 1st Lord Baltimore and King Charles I. She was known as Queen Mary.

Based on an incorrect map, the original royal charter granted to Maryland, the Potomac River and territory northward to the fortieth parallel was found to be a problem, as the northern boundary would have put Philadelphia, the major city in Pennsylvania, within Maryland. The Calvert family, which controlled Maryland, and the Penn family, which controlled Pennsylvania, decided in 1750 to engage two surveyors, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, to establish a boundary between the colonies.

They surveyed what became known as the Mason–Dixon Line, which became the boundary between the two colonies. The crests of the Penn family and of the Calvert family were put at the Mason–Dixon line to mark it.

After The united States of America was created by Unanimous Declaration on 04 July 1776, States began to form. These “States” were the original geographically defined “estates” formed by the United Colonies. Together, they formed – a Union, a Federation, and a Confederation. Maryland was the 7th State to ratify the stronger government structure proposed in the new Constitution on 28 April 1788.

Today, under original jurisdiction, Maryland is a Sovereign Nation State of self-governing people who uphold the Public Law with common sense and based on a common law way of life. It is our responsibility to keep the peace and do no harm. Our jurisdiction is the Land & Soil. It is the superior jurisdiction upon which we, the living men and women live and have our “standing” in law. It is one of the three original jurisdictions of Land, Air and Water.

The jurisdictions of Air and Water now consist of fictional entities – corporations, which are “legal” constructs that exist only on paper. These jurisdictions have their own form of corporate government, complete with their own codes, rules, and regulations that apply to them and the fictions that make up the citizenry of their corporations.

Both of these jurisdictions are operating on our shores and they are everywhere and include every conceivable type of corporate entity from public businesses to local towns, counties, state of states and the federal government. All of this falls under two massive corporate structures — a British Territorial Government Services Provider, d.b.a. “the” United States of America, Inc. and a Papist Municipal Government Services Provider, d.b.a. “the” United States, Inc. These foreign entities have been operating here since 1789 and 1790 respectively. In 1791 the beginning of what is now known as Washington, D.C., technically a Foreign City State, began to take shape on land and soil, which, under original jurisdiction, is still owned by Maryland.

The following shows the progression and timeline of this foreign entity that is sitting on Maryland:

progression of D.C.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

  • 1790 – Area along the Potomac River prior to the settlement of the capital, including cities of Alexandria and Georgetown.
  • 1791 – Borders of the Territory of Columbia are defined and the City of Washington established.
  • 1801 – Federal district placed under the control of Congress, counties of Washington and Alexandria formed.
  • 1846 – 29th Congress returns the area south of the Potomac River to Virginia, see District of Columbia retrocession.
  • 1871 – District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 unifies the District of Columbia into a single municipality, as it remains today.

The Municipality that was created in 1871, according to their contract (the 1790 Constitution) at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, allows the Congress to have “exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever” over this particular Seat of Government. The Congress is the government of Washington, DC. They are a plenary government, meaning Congress has complete power with no limitations and they do not have to abide by any Constitution within the confines of Washington, DC. (i.e. mob rule by thugs).

Over the years there have been a number of attempts to grant statehood status to the District of Columbia, including the most recent H.R.472 – District of Columbia-Maryland Reunion Act, introduced 01/25/2021 during the 117th Congress (2021 – 2022). This bill is designed to cede the District of Columbia (a corporation) back to Maryland (another corporation) after Maryland’s acceptance of the retrocession. This is equivalent to a merger under their corporate laws. It has nothing to do with Maryland, the actual organic State of the Union, which still owns the land and soil the corporation known as the District of Columbia is sitting on.

All of the people who have achieved the proper status, standing and jurisdiction on the land and soil of Maryland (including those in the area of Maryland known as the District of Columbia) are the Priority Creditors to the corporate government, as are all the other people on all the other organic States of the Union who have done the same thing. Why? Because, without our knowledge, they stole our identities by registering our birth (creating a fictitious U.S. Citizen) and monetizing the certificates they issued for profit and to control the fictions they created. Therefore, we are the donors of the value they used to create everything and because of that, we own all of it. We are also their ultimate employers because it was our powers that were delegated to them through our Counties, to our States and to the Federation of States, that hold the contracts (Constitutions) with the Principals.

That is what this whole rescue mission is about — coming home to the land and soil of your birth or adopted State, denying the false claim that you are “dead” to your identity as an American — contrary to what your erstwhile employees have said and written about you — and reclaiming your estate, including your Constitutional Guarantees, which are owed to you.

That’s why we are here. That’s what we are doing in our Assemblies. We are reclaiming our estates, not acting as “donors” to give them away again. And we are reconstructing our Lawful Sovereign Government at the County, State and Federal levels.

By: Anna Von Reitz

Did you know that the Canaanites, Carthaginians, and Phoenicians were all the same people?

Did you know that the Trojans, Phrygians, Macedonians (Northern Greeks), Iranians (then called Persians), Romanians (who founded Rome), and Dacians (who spoke Latin) formed one massive cross-cultural Empire — an Empire that stretched from Iran to Ireland — that you have never heard of?

These are the missing pieces of our common European and Middle Eastern history that shed a bright and much-needed light on our dilemma today.

If you go searching for the “roots” of Latin, you will go on a wild goose chase and be told that it came from a mysterious “Proto-Indo-European Language” and a “dialect” of this unknown, mysterious root language spoken by people living along the Tiber River.

This is, of course, poppycock and evasion. Latin was the trade language of the Empire of Man, and was still spoken by the Romanians and Dacians at the time Rome was founded—long before the Roman Empire revived it and made sure it was spoken as the language of business and diplomacy as far away as China.

Ro-man means “wandering man” or “trader” and today, the Romani — still called “Travelers” in England, continue this most fundamental characteristic and wandering lifestyle of their ancestors. They also carry on the traditions of spellcasting and soothsaying and astrology, herbal lore, and foraging.

Ask yourself what happens when the Wanderers settle down and create a city-state unlike all the city-states that went before?

The Roman Empire happens.

So why don’t we all know this? Why are we left to think that the Canaanites just “disappeared” and that their language is unknown? Why aren’t we aware of the “Missing Kingdom” and its long struggle of Free Men and republican governments against the city-states? Why don’t we know that Rome was founded by the Romanians, not the Italians? Why do we assume that Homer and Alexander the Great were Greeks?

It’s because the actual history of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa have been erased in an unending series of wars that revolve around just one thing: slavery.

Egypt and Babylon were both slave states built on slave labor. Both profited from oppressing others and saw no reason why they shouldn’t bully and oppress anyone they could enslave by force or by deceit. Eventually, their own moral corruption destroyed both civilizations.

The Greek city-states initially adopted the egalitarian values of the Empire of Man, but later became corrupted by the foreign practice of appointing “kings” and then, for a relatively brief span, enjoyed a renaissance when they returned to their egalitarian roots during Greece’s Golden Age. Shortly after the death of Plato, the insidious influence of the slave states began in earnest, and it wasn’t long until the Greek city-states fell into disgrace and discord.

Rome followed a similar pattern. It was founded by Free Men. The Wanderers have always valued their freedom and profited from it. The republican governments they created as part of The Empire of Man served them well. Rome became a great trading center and people flocked there from all corners of the Earth, attracted by its reputation for justice and freedom and egalitarian values.

But what happened? A military coup, followed by political corruption, elitism, moral depravity and violence on a scale to make even Babylon blush. Rome became a slave state.

Soon, the ill-gotten gains from slavery made it unimaginably wealthy and the Roman Legions were bulwarked by entire classes of slaves and bondservants compartmentalized into a complex and highly bureaucratic government funded by slavery and taxation and plundering of conquered nations.

And what have we got going on here, right now, in America?

A secret political coup in 1860 is followed by an equally secretive military coup in 1865. This is followed by the sly substitution of public slavery for private slavery which was abolished; from now on, only the “government” could own slaves, and America, the Land of the Free, was secretively and unlawfully converted into the Land of the Slaves by the hateful Southern Democrats who collaborated with the Popes and the Brits to ensure the downfall of “the Yankees and the Niggers”.

The predictable consequences have followed — an explosion of wealth pouring in from the ill-gotten gains of enslavement, followed by coercive taxes, seizure of private property via “legalized” pillaging and plunder “laws”, moral and political decay, violence, and we totter on the edge of a debacle in which slaves (the military) oppress other slaves (the federal civil service) and embroil everyone else in their quarrels and confusion.

I lay this travesty squarely at the feet of the U.S. Military and the Southern Democrats and Democrats in general, the Popes from 1851 to today, the British Government, the Government of Westminster, and the Government of the Netherlands. That’s how the historical records read and that is what we see played out here in front of our faces.

It remains for us to learn from past mistakes.

How have the republican governments failed? By allowing city-states to form and create their own “laws” apart from the Public Law.

This starts out as an innocent-appearing need to administer government workers and government bureaucracy, but it is never long before people start mistaking these “internal” and “merely administrative” codes, statutes, rules, and regulations that apply to government workers and government corporations as law that is applicable to everyone.

Soon the city-administrators are wagging the whole dog, and the Public Law is forgotten and left unenforced by a gullible and deluded Public that is surreptitiously enslaved and forced to obey the “laws” adopted by and for their employees.

How have the city-states thrived and taken over everything? By deceit and by enslavement leading to unjust enrichment, which has then been used as payola to compromise and buy off and influence whatever is left of the Public Government after they have insinuated themselves into position to substitute for and “represent” the actual government.

It happened to Greece, it happened to Rome, it happened to Britain, and now, it’s happening to us. It will happen as long as we let it happen and don’t wake up.

Even now, the guilty U.S. Military is refusing to come to heel and obey the actual Public Law and actual American Government.

Even now, they are pretending that the “Fourteenth Amendment” holds water.

Let’s be very clear — the Fourteenth Amendment — like all other so-called “Amendments” after it, was never ratified by the States of the Union.

The so-called “Fourteenth Amendment” was and is a By-Laws Amendment to a Corporation Charter “ratified” by the State-of-State franchises of a Scottish Commercial Corporation formed in 1868 and bankrupted in 1907, merely calling itself “The United States of America—- Incorporated” and pretending to “represent” us.

Is this what Mr. Trump and the White Hats and their Alliance expect to use as the foundation for a new government? A By-Law Amendment to a long-defunct foreign commercial corporation charter?

Forgive me while I gag and snort.

All we could expect from such a process and excuse is more fraud, more self-service, more phony “corporate law” substituting itself for the actual Public Law. And another Slippery Slope with a pit full of spikes at the end of it.

Mr. Trump may love America. The White Hats may be well-intentioned.

But Mr. Trump is working for a British Crown Corporation and the British Crown has been singularly responsible for creating this entire mess and promoting it and profiting from it. Together with the Holy See, which has knowingly promoted the enslavementto-government program of the Southern Democrats from its inception and insidiously substituted its own “Municipal Government” — read that, “City-State Government” to undermine our Public Law, just as the Greek and Roman Republics were undermined.

The difference here is that we know the drill. 3000 years of this repetitive story is enough. We’ve learned our lessons.

And the additional difference is that all these Principals are under contractual obligations — both by Treaty and Commercial Contract — to honor and uphold our constitutional government in all respects.

They’ve been caught undermining, pillaging, and usurping their Employers. Amid many accusations of “treason” and of “insurrection” both sides are guilty. And what needs to happen now is for both sides to capitulate and get back in their contractual boxes, show a proper respect for the actual American Government, and get back to work according to the limitations of the Constitutions.

The actual American Government is in Session — a republican government of Free Men and Free Women.

What's the Difference Between
State of Maryland, Inc. and Maryland?

This May Surprise You!

State of Maryland, Inc.

The State of Maryland, Inc., is a fiction, a legal construct corporation that exists only on paper. It has a DUNS Number: 001969443, it is not a land mass with clearly defined physical borders. Therefore, it is only a representation of a State, but not an actual organic State. This is like pretending that a picture of an apple is an actual apple.

Because the State of Maryland is a corporation, it needs a command structure to operate. This hierarchical command structure functions as a “legal government” of the corporation. Its citizenry consists of “legal persons,” i.e., fictional entities created via a birth certificate. These are also legal constructs as defined in Black’s Law Dictionary and its codes, rules and regulations are private law, i.e., having the color of law only. These so called laws only apply to the officers, employees and the citizens of the corporation.


Maryland, the actual organic State, consists of a land mass with rocks, dirt, trees, bodies of water and so on, with physically defined State and County borders. It is an unincorporated Sovereign Nation State, a State of the Union and a member of the Federation of States. Its “lawful” Government consists of an Assembly of living people (not a corporate fiction) and its citizenry consists of the living men and women on the land and soil.

Our self-governing authority is founded upon the letter and spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Common Law as adopted within the Charters of the original Thirteen Colonies, of which Maryland is one. These, in turn, find their source in the Ten Commandments and The Holy Bible and this, in plain language, is the fabric of American law upon which we stand, work, play, and rest.

The Law Isn't What You Think!
According to Their Own Court Rulings

“All codes, rules, and regulations are for government authorities only, not human/Creators in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules, and regulations are unconstitutional and lack due process…” Rodrigues v. Ray Donovan, U.S. Department of Labor, 769 F. 2d 1344, 1348, (1985).

“The common law is the real law, the Supreme Law of the land, the codes, rules, regulations, policy and statutes are not the law.” Self v. Rhay, 61 Wn (2nd) 261.

What is the True Law?

Its pretty simple on the land and soil jurisdiction.
The true law is the Public Law. And it is our public duty to uphold it.

Learn What the Public Law Is

September 14, 1814

The story behind the story that originated on Maryland, a Sovereign Nation State, and went on to become the National Anthem.

Slavery Was Never Abolished After The Civil War

It Just Took a Different Form
And Enslaved Everyone


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War Mentality and How it Affects Us Every Day

The War Mentality is what makes the slave matrix possible and what keeps it going. As we have seen and experienced since 2020, the corporate government of the foreign city state known as Washington, D.C., will throw the Constitution out the window when an emergency (or war) is declared. Learn why it is vital that you NOT be a US Citizen and why it is important not to fight, protest, or argue with “them”.

Restoring Freedom to Life!

And Peace to Our States and Nation

The U.S. Civil Flag

The first U.S. Flag, which denoted civilian versus military purposes, was designed in 1799 by Oliver Wolcott Jr. the Secretary of the Treasury under John Adams. Wolcott’s proposal featured: An ensign, consisting of sixteen alternating red and white stripes representing the number of states that had joined the Union by 1799; and the Union, represented by the small rectangle in the upper left corner, with its Arms (an Eagle) of the United States in dark blue on a white field.

It is significant that Wolcott’s new civilian flag had vertical stripes, not horizontal. This was done so that non-military ships would be easily recognized and not fired upon as they tried to hail and board foreign vessels. This new flag was actively flown on Revenue Cutters, what we now call Coast Guard Cutters. The original purpose of the Revenue Cutter was to collect tariffs and other taxes that were imposed on foreign goods. The Revenue Cutter ensign had vertical stripes to denote civilian authority under the Treasury Department rather than military authority under the War Department.

The First U.S. Civil Flag 1799

In the early days of our nation, horizontal stripes became the accepted practice for use over military posts, and vertical stripes were used over civilian establishments. The use of the Civilian Flag also spread to Merchants and Common citizens to symbolize their Constitutional rights.

The Civil Flag had red and white vertical stripes with blue stars on a white background. By the Law of the Flag, the vertical striped design denoted Roman Civil jurisdiction within Federal territories rather than Military jurisdiction under Admiralty law. The practice of using the Customs Flag as a Civil Flag became encoded law in 1874 when Treasury Secretary William. A. Richardson required all customhouses to display the Civil Flag.

Where did Wolcott get the idea of using vertical stripes from?

Why did Wolcott choose to turn the horizontal stripes of Old Glory ninety degrees? We need to return to the beginnings of the American Revolution to satisfy this query.

In Boston, the Sons of Liberty were the original revolutionary group who sparked the initial rebellion against the British in 1765. The Stamp Act was imposed by the British Parliament to tax all forms of legal documents within their American colonies. The Stamp Act created great unrest in America, especially in Boston, where an effigy of the local stamp agent, Andrew Oliver, was hanged and burned. Eventually, Oliver resigned, his home looted, and the stamps destroyed. The Elm tree Oliver was hung on became known as the “Liberty Tree”.

The Stamp Act rebellion initiated the Stamp Act Congress, which gathered representatives from nine of the thirteen colonies. A petition of rights and grievances was drawn up declaring that the colonists “were entitled to all the inherent rights and liberties of natural born subjects.” The colonies also declared that “no taxes ever have been, or can be constitutionally imposed upon them, but by their respective legislatures,” and that it “was unreasonable and inconsistent; for the people of Great Britain to grant to His Majesty the property of the colonists.”

The petition asserted that extending the courts of ADMIRALTY, the law of the seas, in order to prosecute the Act undermined “the rights and liberties” of the colonists. So, the original “common law flag” was first raised over the Liberty Tree in Boston. The “rebellious stripes”, as the flag came to be called, was the original flag used by the Sons of Liberty, and it had 9 red and white vertical stripes!

Sons of Liberty
“Rebellious Stripes” Flag 1767-1775

Why did they choose red and white vertical stripes as their symbol?

Was the flag with vertical stripes a way of rebelling against the British East India Company? The British-East India Company flag had red and white horizontal stripes with the Union Jack in the upper left-hand corner. The first official flag of the American Revolution was the “Grand Union” flag first flown by General Washington on January 2nd 1776 at Cambridge Massachusetts.

Coincidentally it was also the same EXACT flag as the BRITISH-EAST INDIA COMPANY. It flew for over a year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence! An Anonymous individual of European descent known only as the ‘Professor’ recommended the BEI Company flag to Ben Franklin and the flag committee.

It has been reported that this mysterious individual was none other than Jesuit General Lorenzo Ricci, head of the Jesuit order. General Ricci supposedly had died in a Vatican prison six months prior. Pope Clement XIV the man who suppressed the Jesuit order in 1773 and had General Ricci imprisoned, soon died early 1774, apparently poisoned. The Vatican Treasurer at that time was General Ricci’s, best friend and former classmate Cardinal Braschi. Braschi controlled the Vatican resources as acting Pope during the beginning of the American Revolution..

It appears that the Jesuits via the Vatican bank may have funded the American Revolution. It would explain the seat of the new American government being set up on a Roman-Catholic possession and the institution of Roman-Civil Law as the law of the United States territories. i.e. the District of Columbia.

Grand Union Flag Jan. 2, 1776-1777

Although not a true Sovereign flag, only a State flag with a Common Law seal can directly represent the Common Law. There is an indirect relationship to Individual and state sovereignty with the U.S. Civil Flag.. A solvent federal government flying a Civil flag, implies solvent States/Nations with Sovereign citizens. When we first came across the Civil flag and decided that this flag should be the symbol for all sovereign citizens we looked back to the Sons of Liberty and their “Rebellious Stripes” flag as our example. We wanted a flag that would address the deep need in Americans to awaken and return to a time when our government was not “Big Brother” hidden under the name of the Patriot Act! Just as some surmise how the Sons of Liberty turned the British East India Company’s flag on its side; we also decided to turn Old Glory on its side. We wanted the flag to represent our modern Union of States, we chose to create a flag that had 13 vertical stripes and 50 blue stars on a white background: One star for each Sovereign State of the Union of the united States of America!

U.S. Sovereign Flag, Jan 2004

Our civilian flag is a way of reminding Americans, as well as our leaders, that every man and woman is sovereign and that we are all endowed by our Creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This sovereign Civil Flag is a symbol of our desire to return America to the dreams upon which she was founded!

The Stockman

The only “laws” or “regulations” you commonly find about the Stars and Stripes is in the Territorial United States Federal Code where they define the proportions of the flag that THEY will be using in Title IV.

But those regulations in no way restrict the proportions of the Stars and Stripes that We, the People use.

The Stars and Stripes literally belongs to us. It is our property. It came about as one of the war flags used in the Revolutionary War — the other flag to come out of the Revolution as a “national” level flag, was the “rebellious flag” — so-called because of the vertical stripes— the United States Civil Flag.

In the world of international flags generally, the horizontal “bars” indicate resistance and forbidding of trespass, much as a gate bars a road or a dam blocks a stream. Thus the flag with horizontal bars symbolizes conditions of war, where we are resisting or fighting or otherwise restricting and controlling.

The vertical columns symbolize “free flow” — the gates are open, the columns of the government are solidly in place.

Just think of an old-fashioned dam in a river — the floodgates can be closed, forcing the water to back up behind the dam (horizontal bars on a flag) or open, allowing the water to pass through (vertical bars).

So both flags have their genesis during the Revolution. Both are national level flags, meaning all the colonies used them to identify the American side of the conflict. But because of their symbolism, one came to be used in war and the other in peacetime. Prior to the Civil War, both flags were in common use with the Stars and Stripes being flown over military installations — forts, arsenals, training fields, etc., and the Civil Flag being flown over civilian installations — post offices, customs houses, departmental buildings, polling places, public hospitals, town halls, and so on.

If you think about this, this is merely common sense. There should be a clear distinction between the federal military service and the federal civilian service. So there are two flags, and that should not be any big surprise to anyone.

What should be cause for concern and alarm is that there has commonly been only one flag — the war flag — in evidence for many years, but because people don’t know that there should be two flags, they haven’t questioned the absence of the civil flag.

Both flags inhabit international jurisdiction. Because the Territorial United States continued to make war and “be” at war after the so-called Civil War ended, it continued to fly the Stars and Stripes and exercised our delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea. Because the actual states were at peace after the conflict, they flew the United States Civil Flag instead, so for a time, from 1865 to 1907, both flags were — as before the “Civil War” — being used to distinguish between military and civilian functions.

Then, in 1907, the first Great Fraud occurred when the Territorial United States Congress bankrupted “The United States of America, Incorporated” and “took title to the land” that the Territorial States were holding in trust for us and used our land as security backing their bankruptcy. Because title to our land thus was transferred “for safekeeping” to foreign Third Parties (the Holy See) and basically impounded (like we impound a car) the international land jurisdiction that we are owed functionally disappeared and all that was left flying was the Stars and Stripes.

Out of habit and necessity and most of all to prevent public alarm, the perpetrators continued to operate federal services for the international land jurisdiction using the Territorial United States Government structure to do so. Thus, we continued to have “Federal Marshals” policing the international land jurisdiction and “United States Marshals” policing the international sea jurisdiction just as it always was, even though there was now only one flag — the Stars and Stripes — being flown. Likewise, the Coast Guard continued to function as a “civilian maritime service” under the same conditions.

[Fast forward— In 1953, this first bankruptcy settled and all the land titles were released, both public and private. It would have been the correct moment for the Territorial Congress to return those titles to the states and people to whom they belong, but by then, 46 years had passed and many parcels of private land had changed hands and the various states had made allocations for parks and roads and electrical easements —- and besides, giving it all back would entail admitting that they stole it all in the first place, so inside of the Territorial Congress doing the right thing, they did the convenient thing. They threw up their hands, pretended that they didn’t know and couldn’t trace the actual owners of the land, so they declared it “abandoned” and rolled all the land titles into gigantic state and federal land trusts.]

Then, in 1933, the second Great Fraud hit, when the Municipal United States Congress bankrupted the “United States of America, Incorporated” and the perpetrators seized upon our private property — our copyrights, patents, trademarks — embodied as names, our physical bodies and our labor, our private property in sum total and also confiscated our privately held gold– as collateral to back their debts during their bankruptcy. Again, the Holy See held us in receivership. This was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s infamous “New Deal”. Thanks to this Gross Breach of Trust, the civilian side of the federal government was reduced to using the “National Colors” as a flag — the familiar flag with gold fringe around it, to give the appearance that the Stars and Stripes was still in use.

[Fast forward — In 1999, this second bankruptcy settled, and all the private property, including claim to our labor, was released. However, once again, 66 years had passed and the perpetrators — for all the same reasons as the first time around — claimed that they couldn’t possibly locate all the heirs of these estates. So, again, they declared all our “personal estates” to be “abandoned property” and cast them adrift as abandoned properties in the international jurisdiction of the sea. All of this, of course, is gainsaid by the fact that they continued to know where we were for tax purposes. In 1999- 2000 during the infamous Bush-Gore Presidential Election and the Florida Chads scandal, the perpetrators were obliged to abandon Washington, DC and leave it vacated for 40 days. During that time, Commander Russell-J:Gould stepped into the gap and reclaimed the Title IV flag so that no hostile foreign entity could gain control or use of it, he also re-opened and kept open the Postmaster and Post Master Offices, and took other actions to guarantee the continuance of the government as a whole. He also restructured the Territorial and Municipal Supreme Courts and conducted court martial proceedings for a period of many months. At the time, people laughed at him, but he preserved the entire public side of our government, except for that portion maintained by The United States of America (Unincorporated) which continued to exercise all the non-delegated powers.] I trust that you can now see why the United States Civil Flag disappeared and why the Stars and Stripes was reduced to a mere “color banner” during our lifetimes.

When the perpetrators rolled everything and abandoned the American Trusts in 1999 we knew we had to take action, so those of us who had stayed awake formed up our Nation-States and gave Notice to the Hague and the Queen and the Pope and other parties of interest. We also began to evaluate the history and the legalities of all this to discern the mechanisms of the fraud and therefore, how to unravel it. This was a long and thankless and dangerous road to be on. Many thousands of us were mischaracterized and railroaded into federal and “State of State” prisons. Up to a million and a half peaceful American state nationals remain unlawfully and unjustly incarcerated in federal prisons and up to 15 million more in federal franchise State of State and County jails — simply to be used as slave labor and to generate profits for the federal perpetrators because they can charge our trust accounts for the “service” of keeping us in their jails. Many thousands of us were murdered, beaten, burned out, jeered at, our families threatened, our property seized, all while being subjected to unlawfully imposed taxes, fees, and levies to pay for the “services” of our abusers — our own employees, our own military.

Even now some members of the endlessly deceitful and often grossly incompetent Bar Associations are trying to promote and justify the idea that such fanciful and supposedly dangerous creatures as “sovereign citizens” exist and they are prosecuting these oxymorons in the courts as “subversives”. One doesn’t know these days whether to laugh or cry. Faced with these ridiculous claims, people need to observe that one cannot act in the capacity of a sovereign and a slave (citizen) at the same time. The same is true of their next offer, “private citizen”, because it is impossible to act in private capacity while acting in public capacity.

When Obama took office — a Muslim man born in Kenya — eligible to serve in Territorial and Municipal corporation offices, but not eligible to serve as our National President nor as an agency for the Head of State, it was a clear warning sign and the ax was not long in falling. He announced the impending bankruptcy of the Municipal United States in early 2015 and he set up the bowling pins to make sure that the Territorial United States would be forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy by 2017.

This would have been the coup de grace, as it would vacate both the Municipal and Territorial Governments at the same time, and leave this entire continent at the mercy of bankruptcy trustees chosen by secondary creditors — the international banks.

That would have left all three federal Constitutions vacated from the federal side of the agreements.

The National Constitution has purportedly been held “in abeyance” since 1861. The Territorial Constitution would cease to function upon declaration of the insolvency. And the Municipal Constitution would no longer be in effect thanks to the liquidation of the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia.

The banks and the scheming criminals behind them had planned the perfect Trifecta and fully intended to place a claim of abandonment against this entire country and its people, and then to come in here and use a commercial mercenary army operated under color of law “as” the familiar alphabet soup agencies — BATF, IRS, BLM, FEMA, FBI, and so on, to evict the peaceful American people and “resettle” them exactly as the profane British Government “resettled” the Irish population in the mid-1800’s.

Imagine their surprise when the American Head of State showed up and faced off the Queen of England?

And when, moreover, our well-established Due Process and International Claims were brought forward? And we demonstrated beyond any doubt that we know who we are and that our actual sovereign (means “unincorporated”) government is still alive, kicking, and here to claim back every iota of the property owed to the American states and people as the Priority Creditors and Lawful Holders in Due Course?

When the “heirs to the Kingdom return from over the sea” — as we have– then the trusts all collapse and are indeed “factualized” and must vest in the institutions and the people and states that they rightfully belong to. Not only that, but upon their declaration of bankruptcy, all the powers that were delegated to these creatures revert back to us and to the government of the people, by the people, and for the people —- so long as we are still organized and sentient enough to conduct our own business, which, Thank God, we are.

So what does all this mean for our flags? It means that we are totally enabled to fly our flags any time and in any style we wish. We can unfurl our long moth-balled civil flag and send out our Federal Marshals to police the international jurisdiction of the land. We can return our Coast Guard to civilian service. We can fly the Stars and Stripes in any manner we wish, and thanks to Commander Russell- J:Gould even the Title IV flag was rescued and preserved intact and kept out of hostile hands. It means that there won’t be any commercial mercenary armies disguised as “STATE OF STATE” police or as employees of “federal agencies” coming around causing any trouble on our shores. It means that instead of being paupers, Americans who have labored as slaves for these vermin for the past 150 years, will instead inherit all that they stored up for themselves and be able to forgive the debts and restore the national governments and bless the people of the entire Earth.

Every country on Earth has both a martial flag, otherwise known as a “war flag” and a civil flag known as a “peace flag”.

They also have a military — armed forces in charge of the war flag, and a civilian service –civilian government employees in charge of the peace flag.

In this country, “Old Glory”, the “Stars and Stripes” is the war flag. And the United States Civil Flag, the one with vertical stripes, is what it says it is— the peacetime flag of the civil service.

In America, we are served by principle branches of military service: Army, Navy, Air Force, and US Marine Corps, plus other forces, like the National Guard, all of which fly the war flag, the Stars and Stripes, for obvious reasons.

We are also supposed to have a federal civil service and that service is supposed to be flying the United States Civil Flag, a distinctively different version of our flag with vertical stripes—–but isn’t. Why not?

The United States Civil Flag should be flying over post offices, customs houses, departmental office buildings like the United States Department of Labor, etc., and agencies like the FBI, FAA, BLM, and so on.

Instead, all of these federal entities, whether martial or civil, are flying the Stars and Stripes — the war flag — and have done so as far back as anyone can remember.

There isn’t an American now living who can remember when the Post Offices flew the United States Civil Flag. It disappeared in the confusion and aftermath of the Civil War, in the so-called “Reconstruction Era” which, it turns out, should have more aptly been called the “Obstruction Era”.

We have very early tin-type photographs from newspapers and drawings and lithographs from before the Civil War showing the United States Civil Flag flying over post offices and courts and other civil office buildings —all with vertical stripes; there are notable letters and official documents and period publications confirming these facts, and we even have photographs documenting the use of the United States Civil Flag at polling places and other public events after the Civil War ended.

The most accessible and easiest proof of the existence and use of the United States Civil Flag is at the very beginning of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel, The Scarlet Letter, where he describes the United States Civil Flag in detail, flying over a federal custom’s house. The Scarlet Letter was published in 1850, a few years before the illegal mercenary conflict we have been taught to call The American Civil War.

Our National Government– the federal government we are supposed to have running the delegated federal services— has been secretively mothballed by the foreign British Territorial United States Government ever since the end of the Civil War. They have usurped upon the American National Government in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract and substituted themselves as the primary federal service providers, having unlawfully converted the original States of State into Territorial States of States, and otherwise “re-constructed” things to suit their best interests, howbeit, without the knowledge or consent of the American states and people.

Our national level flags — both of them — have their origins during the Revolutionary War. The Stars and Stripes was (and is) the banner of the Federation of States doing business under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence as The United States of America (Unincorporated) (1776) The so-called “rebellious flag” with vertical stripes was adopted as the banner of the Confederation of States doing business under The Articles of Confederation as the States of America (1781).

Thus from the infancy of the government of this country, there were two Unions of “States” — a Federation and a Confederation.

The Federation operated under the auspices of The United States of America (Unincorporated) includes the international land jurisdiction States known as Maine, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, California, et alia.

The Confederation operated under the auspices of the States of America (Unincorporated) included the original State of Maine, State of Florida, State of Wisconsin, State of Texas, State of California, et alia.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) and its States occupy the land jurisdiction of this country and retains the undelegated powers of the combined states in the international jurisdiction of the sea per Amendment X.

The States of America (Unincorporated) and its States of State, such as the original State of Georgia, occupied the international jurisdiction of the sea and exercised the delegated powers vouchsafed to the National Level Federal Government.

The British-backed Territorial United States had a limited Trustee role to play on “the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” and in providing security for the District of Colombia, Puerto Rico, Guam and other “Insular States” but was never intended to serve in any National Level government capacity for us and has no consent to do so.

What should have happened after the so-called American Civil War, which was in reality an illegal mercenary cat-fight among federal government service providers and would-be government service providers, is that the States of America (Unincorporated) should have been allowed to hold new elections and seat new delegates in the National Congress, and life should have gone on peaceably and normally in this country.

Instead, shysters serving “as” the members of Congress during the armed hostilities, decided to make a buck after the fighting stopped. Acting in sheer treason they pretended that the National Level Federal Government owed to the actual states and people of this country was “in abeyance” and they substituted Territorial States of States for the original National States of States, deceptively calling one by the same name as the other.

That is, they substituted a British Territorial State of Florida for the National State of Florida we are owed. They operated the (Territorial) United States Congress to do this, and rolled all the assets of the original National State of Florida into land trusts which they named Florida State, Wisconsin State, and so forth—-which they also controlled.

On the surface, so far as average Americans could see, everything stayed the same. There was a State of Florida before the war and a State of Florida after the war. In fact, a profound fraud and change had taken place. The original National State of Florida was under the direct control of the actual Florida Legislature, which was in turn elected by the living people. The Territorial State of Florida was operated as a corporate franchise, dba “State of Florida, Inc.” operated by the British Crown and controlled by British subject shareholders.

In this way, by fraud, deceit, and Breach of Trust, the British contrived to control what appeared to be our National Government and to get their filthy fingers into our pockets and steal our resources, to control our commercial dealings, our trade policies, and our war-making decisions via the substitution of their own (Territorial) United States Government operating as our National United States Government— all the while excusing this to the rest of the world and pretending that our government was “in abeyance”.

It was the Biggest Con Job in human history and they have played it to the hilt.

Bear in mind that all this was accomplished by owning and controlling a relative few Americans who were elected to serve in something calling itself the “United States Congress”. The perpetrators just neglected to tell us which “United States” this Congress was supposed to be serving — the actual National-Level United States Congress? The Territorial United States Congress? The Municipal United States Congress?

Most of this evil was accomplished by such simple omissions and obfuscations and by “deceptively similar names deceits”—and it is all purposeful fraud undertaken in self-interest from 1860 onward.

The (Territorial) United States Congress embarked on a series of copyright infringements and more Breaches of Trust by naming its principal corporate franchise after our legitimate and still-standing unincorporated government. In 1868, they created “The United States of America, Incorporated” which they bankrupted in 1907. They also created “the United States of America, Incorporated” which they bankrupted in 1933.

They used this similar names deceit to give Americans and the rest of the world the false assumption that we were bankrupt, when in fact, it was only their own territorial and municipal corporations being deliberately bankrupted as a means to promote our assumption of their debts.

The British Crown and the Bank of England and their Buddies have carried on with all of this fraud and duplicity and criminality and have promoted all this treasonous activity in Breach of Trust and violation of their Treaties and Commercial Contracts right under our noses. They would like for us to interpret this situation as a political issue, but in fact, it is a matter of international crime — theirs.

The Territorial United States can fly the Stars and Stripes in wartime. They can’t fly the National Level United States Civil Flag, which is the property of the States of America— our mothballed and purportedly “in abeyance” National-level Government.

Since 1999, they haven’t even been able to fly the official version Title IV Stars and Stripes they adopted.

In that year, the bankruptcy of the “United States of America, Incorporated” which began in 1933, ended. As part of the settlement, the Territorial United States Government had to abandon the District of Columbia and decamp, leaving behind all the buildings and the flag and other public property rightfully belonging to The United States of America (Unincorporated), the American States and the American People, who were then and who are now their Priority Creditors.

Commander Russell-J:Gould stepped into the gap, rescued the Title IV Stars and Stripes, reopened the Post Offices we are owed, and established the continuance of the evidence of our actual government’s existence–that is, the National-Level unincorporated government and our unincorporated Territorial Government, as well.

The perpetrators of these fraud schemes could not fly the actual Title IV Stars and Stripes during the corporate bankruptcies they engineered as a means of picking us clean, so they flew decorative versions with gold fringe and caps on the flagstaffs as “National Colors” instead. They hung the Stars and Stripes vertically in the Congressional Chambers as a pretense of civil authority and substitute for the United States Civil Flag. The perpendicular hanging of the Stars and Stripes also “strikes” that version and gives Notice of their international bankruptcy.

Here’s the cheerful news. The United States of America (Unincorporated) owns it all, absolutely, all across the board. The unincorporated government is the sovereign government. All the rest of this is just international crime by foreign governments and foreign corporations– Breach of Trust, Fraud, Unlawful Conversion, False Claims in Commerce, etc., etc., etc. None of it has any validity and none of it is our fault.

As important as the States of America organization was as our National Level Government exercising our Delegated Powers and as outrageous as it is that our then-elected public servants and international Trustees allowed and committed these frauds against us and our lawful government, we are still in control and the flags are still ours. Both of them.

During the Obama Administration the perpetrators had one last throw at us.

They couldn’t work out a way to force us to void the constitutional agreements, so they contrived to vacate them, instead, by bankrupting both the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government at the same time. That would leave all three levels of the Federal Government inoperative and all the constitutional agreements vacated. We would be at the mercy of every pirate and bounder and international bank in the world.

The mothballed National Government — all those juicy State trusts — and all the “personal” ESTATE TRUSTS the perpetrators established and operated “in our NAMES”, would then be easy pickings for the Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal Government organizations to claim as “abandoned trust property”. We would be left with nothing, penniless and homeless in our own country.

Instead, we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent and concluded agreements with new “Federal” Partners, the American Indian Nations.

This action prevented any “vacating” of the constitutional agreements from the federal side and again gave Notice to the world that our assets are not abandoned.

Just to drive the point home again, the Hereditary Head of State and owner of both The Great Seal of the United States of America and The Great Seal of the United States, issued the Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum and Proclamation in Addendum on October 21, 2017—and placed it in the public records internationally.

Our United States Civil Flag is fully restored and in use again and our Stars and Stripes has never been retired.

Despite all the lies, all the criminality, all the effort to overcome our lawful government by fraud and deceit and Breach of Trust and every other means— we are still standing, and you can be proud of both your flags and your seals.

In celebration of the restoration of your National-Level Government, we advise and invite everyone to fly the United States Civil Flag. Both flags are ours and they are both honorable for our part, but of the two, the United States Civil Flag is most uniquely and recognizably our own. No foreign territorial or municipal government in the world can fly it, including those that claim to exercise some of our delegated powers.

We continue to press our charges and our claims and to absolutely rebut any presumption by any party anywhere that our actual sovereign government is now or ever has been in any sort of bankruptcy or interregnum. We claim every cubic centimeter of American soil, and all trusts private and public naturally belonging to the American states and people.

There seems to be some sort of cognitive disconnect going on, created by “either/or” thinking and deep indoctrination.

The international jurisdiction belonging to our states was first united via agreement between the states, and then it was divided by delegation of powers.

As a result of this partition between delegated and non-delegated powers, there have always been two flags representing our country in international jurisdiction.

The Civil or Peacetime flag with vertical stripes represents the retained powers of the states and people, which includes all international land jurisdiction (postal roads, post offices, postal district courts, etc.) and all non-delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea (such as the power of private international trade).

The War flag, the familiar “Stars and Stripes”, is exercised and used by the United States as part of its delegated authority. You will remember that the states united in part to establish a “common defense”, so that the job of defending the states falls on the federal contractor providing those delegated services.

The problem is that the vermin running the “United States” — the corporations under contract to provide the delegated services— have never stood down and declared peace since the Civil War. Otherwise, the Peacetime flag would be much more familiar to us and to the world.

It should be flying at every Post Office and most courthouses in America this very moment.

If we claim to be landsmen living on the soil of our native country, we and our lawful government are at peace and have been at peace since 1865; we therefore fly the Peacetime flag with vertical stripes.

If we claim to be federal employees or dependents or franchises of the subcontractor corporations, they have been at war for generations, and they fly the wartime flag, the Stars and Stripes.

Most of us have been flying the wrong flag our entire lives.

The take home point is that there are and always were two flags, and they both ultimately belong to us and we have the right to fly either one of them, depending on our political status.

Despite this straight forward explanation I have all sorts of knot heads trying to prove that the Stars and Stripes is our flag and our only flag, etc., etc., etc. This may come from wrong-headed patriotism or from guile, seeking to once again fool Americans into entrapping themselves in the distinctly unfavorable federal political status without disclosure.

Either way, it simply isn’t true.

For those who are astonished to learn that we have two flags in international jurisdiction and react in disbelief, I refer you all to read the first introduction chapter to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter, titled “The Customs House”.

Hawthorne was writing as an eye-witness in 1850. There you will see incontrovertible, first-hand, primary source proof that America has two flags.

Now it’s up to you to figure out which flag you should be “sailing” under.

Honorably discharged soldiers and sailors need to inform the State Secretary of State that they are “returned” and “retired” from all federal service and presumption of federal citizenship, and send a copy of their DD214 documenting their honorable discharge. And start flying the Peacetime flag.

The way that the vermin in DC have established control over you and your assets is via the presumption that you are “voluntarily” operating as a franchisee of their corporation—-and therefore, are operating in “international commerce” as opposed to operating in “international trade”.

As you know, if you have been following along, the Founding Fathers split the international jurisdiction owed to the sovereign states into “delegated” and undelegated” functions.

The delegated functions they granted to the federal government are all in the international jurisdiction, and all but one, the so-called “International commerce clause” are absolutely restricted to the actual domain of the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways”.

Please note the word “commerce”. Commerce is business conducted between corporations. If you are not a corporation and not voluntarily functioning as a franchisee of any corporation, you are instead involved in private international trade—-which is not among the delegated “powers” of the federal government to regulate.

If you are functioning as an independent American state trading vessel on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, you are owed the absolute protection of the Roman Pontiff, British Government and the British Crown.

If you are functioning as a Territorial or Municipal Government franchisee of the United States, you are either (1) an employee obligated to obey their every whim, or (2) chattel property backing their debts —- and you are owed no protection under the actual Constitution at all.

As you can see, the distinction of whether you are operating as an American conducting international trade, or as a United States citizen involved in international commerce, is of vital importance to you in the conduct of your business affairs and also of vital importance to your safety, your tax status, and everything else.

With that as background information, you are now prepared to absorb the actual subject matter of this post—- the flag you are flying.

The Stars and Stripes, aka, “Star-Spangled Banner”, is the war flag of the United States. They have been flying it continually since 1860.

The rats have been involved in commercial “war” for 150 years — and they have made war upon us along with everyone else and have abused their delegated authorities to do so.

Thus, they have promoted a constant ongoing conflict in the jurisdiction of international commerce— a jurisdiction where you and your “vessels”— that is, your names/NAMES, don’t naturally belong.

They’ve colluded to create this deliberate mis-identification to expedite pillaging your estate and gain control over you and your assets. They have also done it in order to avoid their obligations to you under the actual Constitution.

To make it all easier and more convenient for them to act as predators against their actual employers, they have created the “legal presumption” that you are all “citizens” obligated to serve their governmental services corporations—- and that you are all franchisees of theirs operating in international commerce.

A few days ago, I issued the “Final Deed of Re-Conveyance and Re – Venue” which up-ends those presumptions and re-flags your “vessels” — that is, your Names/NAMES— as “vessels in trade”.

I quote in part, “We hereby accept and acknowledge the re-conveyance of these property assets and material interests to the land jurisdiction of each one of the actual states now doing business as the Alaska State, Tennessee State, Virginia Commonwealth, Florida State, et alia, and confirm to each organic state and to each living property holder their public and private property, respectively, to be held and enjoyed as free holds in fee simple upon the land jurisdiction of each state forever and never again to be mis-characterized as property belonging to nor standing as surety for the debts of any government services corporation.”

Basically, this gives Notice to the world that anyone operating under the Peacetime flag of the United States is engaged in international trade, not commerce, and is a vessel functioning under the un-delegated powers retained by the states and people in international jurisdiction.

If the “Stars and Stripes” is the war flag of the United States (delegated powers) —what is the peacetime flag of the actual United States (undelegated powers)? It is known as the “Civil Flag”. It has vertical red and white stripes and blue stars on a white background. This is your peacetime flag in international jurisdiction.

As you return to the “land of your birth” and correct your political status, you need to re-flag your trading vessels—that is, your Names/NAMES— as unincorporated entities engaged in peaceful international trade, not corporate franchisees engaged in international commerce.

To obtain and start flying your correct flag go to: and send your inquiries to or call 307-200-4503 or write to: U.S. Civil Flags, in care of: 441 East 20th Street, Apartment 2A, New York, New York 10010. A large variety of flags and flag-related products are available— lapel pins, embroidered patches, etc. which enable you to silently give notice of your political status in an unequivocal and positive way.

Be sure to take the steps necessary to actually change your own political status before you begin flying the civil flag.

Remember that the actual states and people are at peace and engaged in international trade.

Until the citizenry of the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States likewise “return home” and embrace peace, they will continue to fly the war flag and be engaged in international commerce.

Did You Know There Are
Five Different Political Statuses?

Which Status Are You?

By: Anna Von Reitz

Is it possible to be “at home” and “away from home” at the same time?

Can you be on a ship at sea and ploughing a field back home at the same time? No, you cannot — and it is the same way with the different apples and oranges we are discussing.

You can be born in California and declare that you are a Californian by birthright and you can be recognized as an American State National — that is your nationality.

But when you adopt a foreign political status, we are no longer talking about nationality. We are talking about citizenship or non-citizenship.

Citizenship is a vocation — a job in which you serve the government.

Just as you can choose to be a bartender or not, Americans have the right to choose whether they are “citizens” or not.

They also have the right to choose whatever citizenship status they adopt, if they adopt any at all.

This is not true worldwide.

Many countries, including England, maintain that citizenship accrues to you at birth and you have no choice but to serve the government all your days.

As an American you can: (1) choose not to be a citizen and just live your life as a Free Man; (2) adopt State Citizenship and serve your State of the Union; (3) adopt U.S. Citizenship and “serve abroad” in the international jurisdiction of the sea as a British resident; (4) adopt Municipal citizenship of the United States and “serve abroad” in the jurisdiction of the air as a resident of the District of Columbia; (5) potentially, once the American Federal Republic is restored, you could adopt United States Citizenship (different than U.S. Citizenship) — there is a lengthy process to do this described in the old Naturalization Acts — and “serve abroad” as a Resident of the Municipality of Washington, DC.

So there are five (5) possibilities:

  1. American Free Man, Non-citizen (no government job obligations at all)
  2. American State Citizen (State of the Union job)
  3. U.S. Citizen (foreign British Territorial Admiralty job)
  4. Municipal citizen of the United States (foreign District Maritime citizen job)
  5. United States Citizen (American foreign service job requiring Municipal residency)

Notice that — U.S. Citizen, Municipal citizen of the United States, and United States Citizen are all foreign citizenships from the perspective of the American Free Man and the American State Citizens.

That is, U.S. Citizen, Municipal citizen of the United States, and United States Citizen all work for foreign governments and operate in foreign jurisdictions of law.

Many Americans find this hard to comprehend.

They think of that thing in Washington, DC, as “their” government because it is supposed to do work for them under contracts called “constitutions”, and because many District Employees were born in this country, they additionally believe that these governments are American — but they are not.

The only quasi-American Government that is supposed to be in Washington, DC, is the American Foreign Service which we intended to administer through the original Federal Republic — but that hasn’t been possible since 1860, so the work got reshuffled and the Pope’s Municipal Government simply usurped those roles intended for United States Citizens.

Thus, our country has been commandeered by foreign powers since 1860, and all the while, Americans have thought that everything was hunky-dory.

When Americans join the military services they unknowingly adopt the U.S. Citizenship political status, and unless they inform their Branch Commander otherwise once they are discharged from the military, they are presumed to voluntarily retain that status forevermore.

U.S. Citizenship is a British Territorial job and as a condition of your continued volunteer job you are considered a Subject of the British Monarch, a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust, collateral (together with all your property assets) for the debts of the United States of America, Incorporated, and an Indentured Servant for the duration of your service.

You also lose all Constitutional Guarantees owed to Americans, can not actually own land in this country (only a British Trust “title” to land, which the Queen holds “for” you), and as a tenant on (what used to be) your own land, you have to pay property taxes, easement assessments, etc., etc., etc. You also become subject to the Queen’s law in your country.

So, here you are, going around, teaching everyone that it’s okay to be a U.S. Citizen — and it is, but….. there are downsides. More recently, you have even been suggesting by reference to 8 USC 12 that it’s even possible for them to be “United States Citizens”, apparently because the British Territorials are preparing to front a British Territorial version of our Federal Republic and confuse everyone some more— though we won’t allow that.

The problem is that people don’t know what U.S. Citizenship actually means and what they give up in the course of adopting U.S. Citizenship. And as far as all this talk about a “new” Federal Republic, people don’t know that this could only be a British-affiliated entity calling itself “a” Federal Republic — if it comes to pass, it won’t be American.

The American Government is run by Americans adopting their own citizenship — which is American State Citizenship. And it’s only the American State Citizens who actually have the authority to reconstruct both the Confederation of States and the American Federal Republic.

In the meantime, our venerable Federation of States is the only American Government operating in international and global jurisdiction, just as it did from 1776-1781. If you and all the other U.S. Citizen volunteers really want to do something to help America and your fellow-Americans, and actually want to help restore the American Government and do the right thing, then the first thing you need to do is come home. Resign your job as a foreign citizen working in a foreign jurisdiction of the law, and if you want to serve, serve your own State Government instead.

Correcting What Has Happened

“What we are doing by reclaiming our birthright political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens and by expatriating from all presumed Territorial and Municipal citizenship(s) is to lawfully convert Legal Persons back into Lawful Persons.

We are explicitly declaring our political status and officially returning our Good Names, our Trade Names, to the Soil/Land jurisdiction of our actual States of the Union.

We are doing this specifically and one by one serving Notice on the Public Records of the commercial corporations operating the Sea and Air jurisdictions so there can be no further “accidentally on purpose” mistaking us for ‘US Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States” or “citizens under the 14th Amendment” to the Territorial Constitution reconfigured as the Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907.“

—Anna von Reitz